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제목 Effect of Weak-part Strengthening Training and Strong-part Relaxation Therapy on Static Balance, Muscle Strength Asymmetry, and Proprioception in the Gluteus Medius: Immediate Effect Analysis
작성자 관리자 작성일 2022-06-07
2. KSPM-21-1055 (김성길)(011-020).pdf

2. KSPM-21-1055 (김성길)(011-020).pdf

Eun-Bi ChoiㆍYu-Jin JungㆍDongyeop LeeㆍJi-Heon HongㆍJae-Ho Yuㆍ

Jin-Seop KimㆍSeong-Gil Kim / J Korean Soc Phys Med Vol. 17, No. 2 | May, 2022

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이전글 Effect of Changes in Knee Angle and Weight-Shifting of the Sole on the Lower Extremity Muscle Activity during the Bridge Exercise
다음글 Effects of Elastic Taping and Non-elastic Taping on Static Balance Control Ability, Dynamic Balance Control Ability, and Navicular bone Drop in Young Adults