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제목 Correlations between Foot Sensory Impairment, Timed Up and Go Test and Berg Balance Scale, and Mental Activities for Prevention of Falling in Elderly People
작성자 관리자 작성일 2019-12-10
2. KSPM-19-1045(황영인).pdf

2. KSPM-19-1045(황영인).pdf

2. Young-Ho LeeSeon-Jung JangGi-Beom KangYe-Seul ChoiYoung-In Hwang /  

대한물리의학회지, Vol 14, No 4 | 201912

다음글, 이전글
이전글 Immediate Effect of Intermittent Versus Continuous Hamstring Static Stretching on the Muscle Tone and Range of Motion
다음글 Comparison of Knee Muscle Strength and Endurance of Affected Legs of Korean Women Diagnosed with Kellgren-Lawrence grade (K-L II) by Age